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Quick packing for quarantine? Take note of these essentials!

In the unfortunate event that COVID-19 strikes and you are forced to go into quarantine immediately…

Are you ready to pack your essential goods?

If you’re lucky you’ll get to stay in your own home, but that isn’t always the case.

So allow me to share with you some of the most important things to pack in case you need to isolate yourself ASAP.

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This might seem obvious but believe me it’s not. Make sure you pack everything you could possibly need for the duration of your quarantine.

This includes everything from toothpaste, to toilet paper, to razors and soap, and possibly even sanitary items!

You might not be going somewhere that is fully stocked with these items so make sure you take your own to be on the safe side!


Comfy clothes


I have been in this situation and although you might think that since you’re in isolation you won’t need that many clothes, the truth is that it’s important to change into a fresh set of clothes everyday.

By creating a routine of getting ready in the morning, it will help you to keep any anxieties at bay.

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Food and Medicine


For the love of all that is good, pack food! And lots of it!

Get all your favourite things and take them with you because when you’re sick and alone, the best comfort in the world is food!

Pack some healthy snacks like nuts as well as other snacks like chocolate.

Make sure you have enough ingredients to cook some delicious lunches and dinners.

Along with that, remember to take the medicine you require with you, along with a healthy dose of vitamin C and D.




Pack your laptop. Pack a deck of cards. Pack a book. Or attempt a crafty project. Pack anything that will help you pass the time because once you’re locked up, you can only watch so many TikTok videos before your brain goes numb.

So make sure you give yourself a lot of options for things to do with all your free time.

If you need other ideas, then I suggest checking out this article.

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Phone charging


Chargers and gadgets


Remember your chargers.

Do not make the same mistake I did, because believe me the minute your phone or laptop dies out of battery, you will feel as if your world has shattered around you.

So whatever you do, take your phone charger, it is a very small item that can easily be taken for granted.

These are some of my top recommendations for things you need to pack during these turbulent times, based on my personal experience during quarantine, earlier this year. 


Always stay safe and take care!


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