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Public Holiday tomorrow! Activities to do with friends and family

We all do love a good public holiday. It breaks the normal routines our lives are used to… and they often provide an excuse for people to meet up and have a good time together!


For this reason, we’re providing you with some ideas you could try out tomorrow, 7 June, as Malta remembers the Sette Giugno events of 1919. 

7 June
7 June
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But first, why is 7 June so important so much that it was marked on our calendars? 


On 7 June 1919, British forces opened fire on a crowd following various riots, ending up killing 4 of them.

This day is considered to be another step which paved the way for Malta’s independence as resentment towards the then British colony was growing.

Onto lighter matters, here are 4 (+1) activities to consider!



Eat out


A staple and arguably classic activity for many out there looking to spend some time with their friends or family (or both), while eating some delicious food and having a good laugh together!

With many restaurants to choose from, and specific gourmet kitchens around the Islands, you would definitely find something which pleases everyone!


Go to the beach


If you can’t wait for Summer to officially start, this day could be the first time you spend some time thinking about relaxing next to the sea in one of the various beaches and bays found in Malta or Gozo!

Whether you like a rocky beach or a sandy bay, the choice is virtually endless!





You might think that the above ideas are too simple for your likings, and would like to indulge yourself in a brand new experience.

Kayaking could be one of those activities to do with your friends and even your family members.

If you’re into visiting caves found across the Maltese archipelago, this idea could be the one for you to try on this day.


Visit Comino


While we cannot guarantee adequate space on the Blue Lagoon area in Comino, the almost uninhabited island between Malta and Gozo could provide a lovely day experience to unwind.

You could hike around although with the heat you might be better off with a nice cold beverage and a dip in the beautiful bays Comino has to offer.



Extra-long weekend in Sicily!


With Malta being well connected with our neighbouring Italian island of Sicily, it makes it a natural choice for those who are planning a long weekend to go an extra mile (pun intended) and book a nice holiday in beautiful Sicily – talk about unwinding!

Food, beaches, places of interest, granita and much more, Sicily opens a world of flavours, culture and generally good time for visitors!

Did any of the above activities inspire you?


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