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Best places to find size-inclusive clothes

Have you ever been out shopping and you find something amazingly cute but when you try to find your size the store doesn’t have it in stock?

Or have you ever loved da pair of pants but the hem is around 3 inches higher than your ankle? 

I know these pains well. As a curvy and tall woman, I struggle to find clothes that fit me right and oftentimes I feel disheartened and unattractive in my own clothes.

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But no woman deserves to feel that way no matter what size they are! 

So today, I compiled a few of my favourite places to go shopping for clothes that actually fit right. 




When we go out most young women don’t even consider going into Next, it’s often associated with older women and though that is indeed their target market that doesn’t mean that cute clothes cannot be found there! 


I personally have had amazing luck finding pants from Next, they carry a large selection of sizes and their clothes are perfect for taller women who don’t like things to be overly short on them. 



Kiabi is a great place to go for clothing that is affordable and stylish.

They have a wonderful range of sizes and a vast selection of different styles to choose from.

I’ve bought jeans from there that have carried me through an entire academic year. 

A great bonus is that Kiabi also has a range of undergarments as well that are comfortable, cute and go all the way up to an E cup.




This is the only online store on this list and the only one I enjoy using.

The website has an easy to use interface and they not only have a dedicated section just for curvy girls but you can actually get the exact measurements of a garment before buying it so you can know for sure that it will fit. 

And if you’re worried about shipping and tax, don’t be. With Shein Europe, there is now no tax and on orders over a certain amount the shipping is free too. 



This might be an unpopular suggestion and I understand why Zara isn’t always the best place to go for us curvy girls. It’s not cheap either.

However, I can’t deny that I have bought some of my best business casual clothes from there. 


So when in need of an outfit that is sophisticated, elegant and well put together Zara is the best option.

And sometimes, you may find something cute too.




Terranova is the cheapest option on this list and thus my go-to shop.


Though the selection isn’t always the greatest, depending on the outlet you visit, I’ve never been disappointed with the sizing.


Terranova is a great place to get everyday clothes that aren’t going to cost a fortune but will still make you feel pretty. 

I hope this article helped and inspired you to find some new amazing outfits that make you feel strong and sexy! 


And just as a bonus tip, don’t be afraid to go to the men’s section of a store and explore the options there!


Has this helped your shopping experience?


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