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Offers, Opportunities & Games: Student deals at Freshers’ 2022

Freshers’ Week is in full swing with many students flocking the University grounds in search of freebies, new friends and generally a good time at the start of a new year!

Freshers Week 2022
Photo: University of Malta

The main Campus in Msida is currently hosting a number of activities from local businesses who entertain students through games, competitions or quizzes at their respective stands.

These are often bundled with freebies, often in the form of a tote bag filled with other smaller knickknacks which will definitely come in handy as the year progresses. 

But what are some of the most noticeable attractions of this year’s KSU Freshers’ Week?

Good question, let’s see!

KSU Stand
Photo: University of Malta


Your Student Parking Permit


The KSU main stage right on Quadrangle will be welcoming new and returning students who wish to get their goodie bag and also to renew their student parking permits.


Freshers’ Week at Campus Hub


This year’s edition will see more offers and stands being extended all the way to the newly built Campus Hub.

Apart from this, the Campus Hub boasts a number of outlets for you to choose from.

Campus Hub
UM Staff
Photo: University of Malta


The Toppin’ Up stand (of course!)


Situated at the Gateway building entrance, the Toppin’ Up stand occupies a small space alongside the University’s stand which also includes its research magazine publication – THINK.

At the stand one will be able to find games, quizzes and also some giveaways which is always a nice welcome to those making their way to the quadrangle from this side of the University!


Campus FM


The University of Malta’s official radio station – Campus FM – has for the first time set up a temporary studio right on campus so that students can also get to see and experience how a radio show is produced and directed. 

Campus FM
Photo: University of Malta
Students at Freshers Week 2022
Photo: University of Malta


Student Organisations


A special tent housing a number of student organisations is also present just as you go down the stairs from the main Quadrangle area.

Here you get to meet other students who can possibly share their experiences with you as well as spark a conversation about a theme you both enjoy speaking about.

Have you visited this year’s Freshers’ Week at University yet?


Let us know via our socials and do pop by our stand – We’re here till Friday!

Embrace Curiosity
Photo: University of Malta

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