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Odd socks for an even society! World Down Syndrome Day 2022

by Toppin' Up

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When we talk about the term inclusion, we should not use it interchangeably with other terms such as tolerance or acceptance.

Why? Because the world is beautiful through its uniqueness, characterised by the various elements which make up every individual person.

On Monday 21 March, the world, via a United Nations initiative, marks World Down Syndrome Day – a day in which the globe stands for more equal civil rights.

Past initiatives, both locally and internationally, saw societies boosting themselves into becoming more inclusive.

This however, does not justify the reality that up to this day, people with down syndrome are still having to cope with a number of stigmas, discrimination and unnecessary added anxiety, which can lead to a lesser success rate in life.

To counteract such stigmas, we must start by debunking myths about people with down syndrome. Locally, the Down Syndrome Association, is currently rolling out a campaign which attempts to educate the general public by shutting down any false statements or beliefs revolving in this particular area of society.

This campaign titled ‘Know the Facts – End the Myths’ has explored issues such as when one refers to down syndrome children as ‘angels’, and encourages parents that this adventure will be worth every moment. DSA made sure to also include something about the emotions and feelings of people within their community, making sure that just like others, they too suffer from happy and sad moments in life.

To mark this important calendar date, people around the world are encouraged to wear odd socks for a day – yes you’ve read that one right!

Odd socks often get on people’s nerves but on this day it is encouraged to get those pink socks mixed with yellow ones, or for the more adventurous ones you can mix some polkadot socks with other striped ones in support of this initiative.

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