09 Aug, 2021 In Lifestyle & Travel

We have already planned your next hangout location

Are you tired of hearing your friends ask the same question over and over “Fejn ha mmorru guys?” and the answer is always the same 2 places.


Here is a list of different hang-out spots for you and your pals. Thank us later 😉



Top of the World, Għargħur


Experience a beautiful panoramic view of the north of Malta from the commonly known ‘Top of the World’ in Għargħur.

It is best to go at sunset for an even more visually pleasing scenery.


Comino's Blue Lagoon

It's a great day trip location and one of Malta's most Instagrammable spots. It truly is one of Malta’s nicest photographic settings.

Enjoy the clear blue waters together with a pineapple pina colada... that is, only if you’re old enough 😉

Blue Lagoon


Kalanka Bay, Delimara

Into cliff jumping? Then this is the perfect place to be during these hot summer days.

Kalanka Bay in Delimara, home of the late Jack Russell ‘Titti’, the world-famous cliff jumping dog, is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the island in a daring approach.


Tal-Mixta Cave, Nadur (Gozo)


Tal-Mixta Cave is a beautiful cave located high on the slopes of Nadur.

It has become an increasingly popular destination for both locals and visitors due to its breathtaking sunset views overlooking Nadur's Ramla beach. 

Mixta Cave


White Rocks, Pembroke


White Rocks, often known as the Maltese Islands’ ghost complex, is an abandoned location surrounded by beautiful sights of the Mediterranean and the Maltese shoreline.


Bonus: White Rocks is a great place to update your #instafeed.

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Malta from the air