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It’s Mother’s Day soon: Ways to say, “Love You Mum!”

Coming up with an idea or a gift can sometimes be
a) expensive,
b) difficult…


This Mother’s Day there might be various things you can look out for either to give that motherly figure in your life a lovely experience or possibly that gift they’ve been wanting to buy, as a token of appreciation for their presence in your life.


Here are a few things to consider:

Mothers Day


Wine or Food tasting activity


Becoming one of the most popular (& chic) activities to do together, whether as a couple or in this case with your mother. Whether it’s just wine directly from the vineyard or food produced on the farm (or a mix of both), this activity can also serve as a good bonding experience which would also turn out to be an educational one.




If we have a bookworm in the family, then you can almost never go wrong with a new set of books to read.

Do some homework and see which authors, genres and writing styles are most popular for you to choose something which is right down their taste.

Bonus tip: For the culinary type, recipe books are often very much appreciated with gourmet and region-specific ones introducing another twist in the kitchen.

Spa day


Spa day


Ahhhh, relaxing! This experience will help you unwind and forget about all the stress that our daily lives can provide.

Lay down and leave all the negative vibes outside the spa centre as you get treated to a nice hot stones massage or a deep muscle one, together!




Almost everyone has heard about the famous airfryer making its way into many Maltese households in recent months.

This gadget offers an alternative way to fried food with its main selling point being that you would need to use very little oil to prepare that delicious menu you like to indulge on.

As such, we had to include it in our list of gifts!



Trip to Sicily


La Sicilia… Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most popular destinations with the Maltese, possibly due to its proximity to Malta, but the options of activities to do while in Sicily are close to endless…

Whether you would like to go to visit the Etna, try out street food in Catania, do a shopping spree or taste the world renowned Modica chocolate, Sicily offers this and more! 

Hint: This can also be done over a weekend! *wink wink*

While gifts and activities are nice and appreciated, it is equally (if not more important) to show appreciation to that motherly figure in your life, all throughout the year!


Wishing all mothers, from all walks of life, a Happy Mother’s Day!


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Mothers Day