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Job hunting? 3 services you can check out!

It’s summer, you finished your exams, and possibly are looking for a job opportunity, whether to keep yourself busy or even to kickstart your career.


While searching for a job can be daunting at times, some online services can potentially help you go through this experience with ease.

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The following 3 local services can help you job hunt while sitting down at the comfort of your home:





The public employment service which will not only help you find a job but also assist you to get yourself up to date with all the prerequisites needed to start working, especially if this is your first time stepping into the world of employment.

That said, the JobsPlus website has the ability which allows you to fine tune your search queries when searching for a job.




A privately owned service which will also assist you as you delve deeper into finding your dream job.

Keepmeposted works with a lot of big name brands which contribute to their job listings available through their website. 

Job Interview
Job Interview




This online portal also provides a way to search and fine tune your job seeking experiences.

On Konnekt, which is also privately owned, you have the ability to upload your CV, giving you a higher chance of finding a vacancy closer to your traits.

With these services at your fingertips, what are you aspiring to do?


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