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Amazing women who remind us why we need a whole day to celebrate!

Today marks 8 March on our calendar so that means it’s Women’s Day!


It’s high time to look through our history books and appreciate some of the amazing women who have been blazing a trail for all of us to follow in their footsteps and do amazing things!

Women's Day
Joan Jett
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Joan Jett
Rock Star - USA, 1958


Joan Jett is a singer, songwriter, and producer who began her career as a teenager in a punk-pop band. She went on to become one of rock's most powerful women.


Jett began her musical career as a teenager, when she formed her first official band, the Runaways, with Jett on guitar and vocals. In many ways, the band was ahead of its time, with its hard-rock sound emerging during a period when disco music reigned supreme.


They also felt dismissed by audiences and critics due to their youth and gender. Jett took over as the group's lead singer after two of her bandmates left.


She was already a formidable force behind the scenes, having written the majority of the Runaways' songs. And after the band broke up in 1979, Joan set out to start her solo career.


Zhenyi Wang
Astronomer, China, 1768 - 1797


Wang Zhenyi was an astronomer and mathematician who excelled in both subjects. She described her views on celestial phenomena in her articles, which she wrote in simple terms because she recognised the importance of knowledge being accessible to all.


In one case, she used a round table in a garden to represent the globe, a lamp to represent the sun, and a mirror to represent the moon, demonstrating eclipses and the relationship between solar and lunar eclipses.


The objects were moved in accordance with astronomical principles, and Zhenyi's eclipse observations were astoundingly accurate. She also mentioned the number of stars and the revolving direction of the sun, moon, and Venus, as well as Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, and Saturn. Zhenyi also spoke about equality between men and women in her poems.


Margret Hamilton 
Computer Scientist - USA, 1936


Half a century ago, MIT played a critical role in the development of the flight software for NASA’s Apollo program. Margaret Hamilton, a computer scientist who led the Software Engineering Division at MIT’s Instrumentation Laboratory, was contracted in 1961, with NASA to develop the Apollo program's guidance system.


The computer began spewing out error messages on 20 July, 1969, just minutes before Apollo 11 touched down on the moon. The entire mission was jeopardised, however Margret had programmed the computer to focus on its primary task, and thus it was able to land safely on the Moon.


This accomplishment would not have been possible without Margaret's brilliant programming skills.


Irena Sendlerowa
War Hero - Poland, 1910 - 2008


Irena had a deep admiration for her father since she was a child. When a Typhus epidemic broke out in their city, Irena's father went to help fight it. Unfortunately, he became ill himself, but his bravery inspired Irena.


When the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis, she did not hesitate to assist. Irena assisted in the relocation of 2,500 Jewish children, concealing their identities and giving them new names.


She wrote all the new and old names on small pieces of paper and placed them in marmalade jars before burying them in her friend's garden. She dug up all the jars after the war and reunited many children with their families.


Sylvia Earle
Marine Biologist  - USA, 1935


Sylvia always had a love for nature since she was a young girl. So, it was no surprise when she went on to become one of the world's leading experts on marine biology. Sylvia led a team of aquanauts who lived underwater for weeks, researching marine life of all kinds.


Then one night, Sylvia set out to accomplish a feat no person had ever done before… She set the record for the world's deepest walk on the seafloor. Earle had studied all sorts of phenomena, such as hidden currents, underwater plants and deep-sea fish.


She advocated for protecting our oceans and insisted that we needed to learn more about it, in order to fully appreciate it.

Who of these women inspired you the most? Or are there other women you look up to?


Whoever it is you choose to admire, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the effort of all women around the world as we work together to make a better world for everyone in our own ways.


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Women's Day