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“Thanks, Dad!” – Ideas to give on Father’s Day

Gifts are a great way to say, “thank you”!


And just like we’ve done with Mother’s Day, it’s now time to present our list of things you could give to that person in your life who made an awesome dad!

Gift to dad
In the Kitchen


The kitchen adventurous father


In this case, you can never go wrong with upgrading or buying from scratch a nice set of utensils or tools to be used in the kitchen.

Sometimes it just takes a bit of imagination to up the game with cooking and being attentive to see what needs changing could be at the top of your list of things to buy!


The patient father


Usually likes to sit down, read or take it easy when necessary…

Here we have an endless amount of options to choose from but maybe a 2000 piece puzzle reconstructing a famous scene from around the globe could keep them busy during their off-peak hours!



The DIY man


If you happen to live with Bob the Builder, then having a look around the various offers for DIY tools locally can be a thing to consider.

Whether you shop in your favourite supermarket or a DIY store, you’re bound to find something that could be useful to your old man!


The tech geek


Is this your nth smart bulb replacement? Then fear not!

Maybe all you need to do is to have a look around in shops or online to see what other types of smart devices you could get.

Sometimes, upgrading to a smart digital scale is all you need… after all, dad will most likely be counting his calories on his smartwatch by now!

Father's Day

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