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Ideal DIY Birthday gift ideas to give to your friends and family

The life of a student is not a cheap one, and we all know how expensive giving presents to our loved ones can be.


Potentially, there can also be an element of stress when trying to break into the likings of that enigmatic friend of yours, who seems to be impossible to find the right gift for.


So, I've started a new trend of making all my gifts by hand! It's way cheaper and will mean a lot more since so much time and effort goes into making them.

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So here are my favourite go to presents and everything you'll need to make them...





This is a great gift for your bestie or favourite aunty… Go through all your photos together and get them printed out.

All you would need is a cool looking photo frame, and go to town filling it with all your cute memories. For bonus points, add stickers, doodles and a cute little note or two. 


Activity Jars


Now you might be wondering what an activity jar is… The answer is simple really.

Get yourself a nice transparent jar and some colourful paper (like sticky notes)... Jot down all sorts of activities you and your friend like to do together.

Then put them all together in the jar and decorate them with some Washi tape and stickers. For bonus points you could do some origami and fold the notes into little hearts.

This gift is also super customisable – if activities don't tickle your fancy, fill the jar with reasons why you love the other person, or with chores you can do for your parents! 

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Spotify Playlists


This is a no-brainer, super simple but always sweet. Sit down and think about the person you're going to give this playlist to, then find a bunch of songs that remind you of them and your relationship.

Give them the playlist and a little note with a short explanation of why you picked each of the songs.

Bonus tip: You can choose titles of songs which when placed one after the other (in chronological order), would pass on a message, whether literally or in between the lines.


Chicken nugget bouquet


Yes, you read that right. A bouquet of chicken nuggets. This is the most expensive gift to make on this list, but it's so fun that I couldn't give it a pass.

First thing you'll need: Chicken Nuggets (lots of them), either bought readymade from the store or you can put more effort in making them yourself, at home. Then just get some brown paper and put it all together. Add some sauces and fries and it will be complete!

If chicken is not a fan favourite, you could do this with sausages or cheese.

A healthier choice can be achieved with fruit.

Chicken Nuggets


Personalised ornaments


This one is a bit festive, but hear me out.

Go out and buy yourself some plain Christmas ornaments, then get some paint markers and a pencil and start to decorate! You can do all sorts of cute things, like your loved ones’ name or initials.

You could also draw some cute little flowers that they like.

The point behind this gift is that it is super customisable and everytime Christmas comes around they will immediately think of you as they hang up their ornament. 

That brings us to the end of this list! These are only some of my personal favourite DIY projects, but there is a treasure trove of ideas just waiting to be discovered on Pinterest!

So have fun crafting, staying busy, while also saving some money!


Will you try any of the above ideas?

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