15 Feb, 2023 In Lifestyle & Travel

Help, I need a job! Online services to help you kick-off your career

We’re still in February however some of you might already eyeing out a possible career change or aspire to find a full-time employment after your final degree exams!


Today we’re going to share some online services which can come useful during your job hunting experience…


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Job hunting




This is the state’s service which provides not only information which is useful to someone who is seeking a job but also a portal with current job offerings.

The various filters available can also help fine tune your search to get jobs which are more relevant to your likings.




Usually associated with browsing through a traditional, printed newspaper, the Classifieds section often includes job opportunities which might be of interest to you.

However, we’re talking about online services here, so be sure to search for the latest Classifieds list next time you find yourself browsing through your favourite local online newspaper – chances are they have this section too!

Facebook Groups


Facebook Groups


The Facebook Jobs feature might no longer be available however there are numerous Groups that list current job offerings.

It all takes a couple of clicks/taps to join these local groups to keep tabs on the latest job opportunities!

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