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A Greener Future: the importance of proper recycling…


Recycling can often open a can of worms, especially in very peculiar situations where it is used as a conversation starter (wait, do people actually do that?)


Anyway… one thing’s for sure, recycling does contribute to less pollution – something which can also be observed locally.


With various schemes, infrastructural upgrades and laws in place, the Maltese population is getting more and more familiar and knowledgeable about why we actually separate waste.

Plastic is one of the most polluting materials one could find on the face of the planet. It is not just the plastic bottle of water you bought during your lunch break… In fact, it goes way beyond that.


The decomposition process of this material can range from 20 years to 500, which provides more reasons why one should properly discard their plastic waste.


If not,  the contribution towards sea pollution will continue to worsen, especially when reading about the amounts of microplastics which are found in our oceans, and which would ultimately find their way into our systems (through the food chain). 

Plastic in Ocean
Organic waste

Organic waste forms yet another part of the recycling regime to follow religiously, as this has other benefits which could be used to generate energy from. We’re talking about biogas – a renewable energy source.

Biogas can be attained and used by taking the methane produced from the various processes at the recycling plant.

Locally, this is done at places such as Sant’Antnin whereby the same organic material, otherwise discarded by the various Maltese households, is transformed into methane through the ‘anaerobic digestion’ process. 

Recycling glass

According to the WWF, the recycling of glass material can potentially help the air quality by reducing air pollution for up to 20% while that of water is reduced to even lower levels (50%).


So next, time you open a nice bottle of champagne or wine, remember to rinse it well and recycle it with the rest of your glass waste. Remember to check when glass collection is scheduled for your locality!

The process of separating waste can only work if done collectively, as a nationwide effort towards a greener future.

To do so, make sure you abide by the waste collection schedules offered by WasteServ Malta


Do you make sure to separate waste properly?

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