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Make your garden bloom this Spring time with these 4 plants

Springtime is often characterised by the number of blooming flowers and trees across the country.

While we won’t get controversial with that statement, imagine for a while that every house on the island had ample space for a small garden………..

Ah! Okay, back to reality!

House Plants

Since reality is a pain, we often need to make do with the little space we have at our disposal. Some try to put flowers around the house, others have a small outdoor space or a roof top which boasts various types of vegetation. 

In today’s post we’ll be looking at 4 plants you can consider to plant, curate and help grow.

Peace Lily


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum spp - indoor plant)


Quite an easy indoor plant to take care of. It needs plenty of light but no direct sunlight for it to flourish.

Towards the end of springtime, this plant will start to get ready to produce flowers.

Make sure you don’t overwater this plant and the pots used are able to properly drain water accumulated.


Aloe Vera (outdoor plant)


The Aloe Vera is quite a popular plant nowadays due to its roles, mainly in skin care.

Simple to take care of. While it is considered an outdoor plant, the aloe vera prefers a bright but indirect source of sunlight.

It’s worth mentioning that the plant is not digestible and can be toxic if consumed.

Aloe Vera
Jade Plant


Jade Plant (Crassula ovata - outdoor plant)


Another succulent plant which can be planted outside. Its thick branches can lead the plant to grow considerably tall for its kind.

Jade plants are also adaptable to be grown inside and require to be watered whenever the soil seems to be relatively dry.

As with all plants, balance is the key.


Golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum - indoor plant)


While the plant is coming from the South Pacific area, it grows (and is quite popular) locally without a hitch.

The Golden Pothos plant is quite resilient and requires an average watering cycle (with longer watering intervals in winter).

This plant can continue to branch out if it finds the right conditions and should ideally be placed in indirect light areas of the house.

Golden Pothos
Woman taking care of plants

Plants and flowers not only make a nice atmosphere at any given area of the house, but they can potentially be the reason for you to try out your green fingers!


Who knows, maybe you’ll end up loving it so much!


Did this list help you choose your next set of plants?

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