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Freshers’ Week 2022: What to expect on Monday!

Students at UM
Photo: University of Malta

As of next Monday, many of you will be starting a new adventure at University or College!


To kick everything off, the yearly Freshers’ Week event takes place in order for students to familiarise themselves not only with the place but also to be aware of the latest opportunities, make new friends and have a generally good time on campus!


But what can you expect from Freshers’ Week?



A number of stands will be set up providing varying opportunities for students to learn more and possibly to join anything that they might be offering and generally be aware of other student-related services and associations. 

Students eating lunch

Food and Beverages


Well, what can we say?

The area will be buzzing with students who might also be rushing in between lectures, and what better way to have a quick 5 minute break with a quick snack!

During this special week, a number of food and beverage stalls will also be present on site keeping those present, hunger-free!



It’s also a very fun time to be on campus with a lot of games organised by the various organisations, businesses and student associations on campus!

Expect to get a bit competitive with your friends too!

Friends together
Tote Bag

Prizes, prizes and prizes!


With games, prizes usually come too! And most (if not all) stands will have some giveaways or merchandise to give those who will visit and participate in their respective activities.

You will most likely end the day with a number of tote bags… depending on how much time you spend going around that is!

Information points


However, Freshers’ Week is also about getting to inform the student about what is likely to unfold in this new educational adventure.

As such, a number of information points will be helping and assisting students as they become more familiar with how University or College works and ways on how to make the most out of their time there!

Info Point
Students at UM
Photo: University of Malta

Will you be attending this year’s Freshers’ Week?

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