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Easter Break: 3 Activities to try out!

Tomorrow’s a public holiday and next week it’s officially the start of the Easter break for many students in Malta & Gozo!


You might be lost as to what you should fill this time with… and we’re here to help you choose some activities!



Let’s start!

Easter Break
Gozo Comino


Go for an outdoor adventure


The weather might be giving some shaky vibes for the next few days but surely there will be a couple of days characterised with the Mediterranean sun which almost make you want to go outside a bit more!

Plan a day with friends either to the Island of Gozo, take a dip at Comino’s Blue Lagoon (before it gets busier) or even try your first time at kayaking!


Be creative


Have you been putting all those creative ideas on the shelf just because of the lack of time you could actually dedicate? Well this might be the time for you to dust them off and make them come true.

Whether it’s your love for photography, composing music, painting or continuing that collection of poems, this time of year might also serve you as the best motivation to be more creative.

Animal Shelters


Give some time to others


It is also a great time to share with others, especially those in need of volunteer work such as animal shelters around the island.

Animal shelters are almost always in need for more people to go give a helping hand with the upkeep of the abandoned dogs whether it is to take them for cute walkies or even feeding them. 

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