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April 22: What’s Earth Day and why is it important?

We all like to think that we do what’s best for our planet. Recently, we had also asked students on another initiative related to Earth Hour, which was held globally on 26 March 2022.


However, this time, we’re not talking just about 1 hour, but a whole day where the world thinks about the various ways to help improve the situation within the political, economical, as well as environmental arenas. 


And… unfortunately, it doesn’t come at a better time than this, with yesterday’s winds blowing plastic waste across the Magħtab area and the surrounding coastline…

Earth Day

So what is Earth Day exactly?

Well for starters, this day is to commemorate the need that humans as a whole need to focus on the wellbeing of the place we call home - Planet Earth. Issues like global pollution, rampant acts of deforestation and other misuse that cause harm to the planet are often discussed but arguably little is done to change the course of action.

It knows its origin back to 1970 where a mayor in Wisconsin, United States held an event to raise more awareness on such issues. Other countries later joined on the same wavelength to press more on improving the conditions that saw lots of devastation across the continents.

Turn off lights

Starting off...

What can you do to help?


There are various ways you can help by doing some effort, ultimately adding onto the global wave of Earth Day… Similarly to Earth Hour, you can choose to wisely turn off any artificial lights whenever possible.

Electricity consumption is still very much a large polluter in the grand scheme of things and as such if everyone had to do their part, the results would be exponentially better.


Don’t waste waste!


Recycling materials such as plastic (which can take hundreds of years to decompose), and turning them into a DIY project is another way you could avoid adding on to the various piles of trash in landfills.

This will also serve as a wind-down project for you to take your mind off of other things which may be stressing you out, such as your intense study sessions or hectic days at work.

DIY Plastic Bottles
Growing Plants


Dwindling garden? Say no more!


Planning and thought needs to go in your garden or open space in order to plant some trees and other vegetation that will not only give you a purpose to look after it with more attention but also to continue your contributions towards the environment.

No matter how big or small of a space it is, think about the collective efforts taken across the globe to improve these natural lungs… especially in areas where they are nowhere to be seen. 

These are just a few ideas you can try out for the good of our Planet…

Remember that you can also invite your friends and family to join in on this in order to expand the awareness of such an important calendar event.

Without spreading the word, odds are that it will take longer for people to start taking action before other disastrous natural effects take place…


What will you do to help the planet?

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