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Dating woes of a student… explained!

Student Relationship

Dating whilst being a student can be stressful at times.

A student’s lifestyle could be very busy on it’s own.

When adding the dating aspect to it, one might feel more pressured to be on a certain level or do certain things that other students around them may be doing.

Letting these two things mix is a very common issue that often students face. 

Student life comes with assignments, studying and exams and at times you might be either too focused on your studies or on the other hand, too love-struck with your dating or romantic relationships.

Unfortunately, when one is in a committed relationship or is still in the process of getting to know the other person, the balance between studying and spending adequate time with their partner might not always be possible or easy… This could lead to arguments when the two involved are not communicating well.

As such, do not feel like you’re alone in all of this.

Speak out, talk to your partner and find a balance between your student life and your personal one.

Remember, if compromises are not an option, then it’s best you think twice and prioritise your life goals.

An ulterior problem that could also occur when dating through this period of one’s life is the guilt brought by unsatisfactory academic results, where grades and overall performance are affected negatively.

Both parties in the relationship have to understand that not allowing one another to allocate enough focus time to study will not only affect the relationship negatively due to possible arguments, but would also be affecting the academic performance of one another.

This could possibly be life changing as it impedes one to excel in getting their qualifications which would be needed later on in their life.

On the positive side, when communicating effectively to find a compromise and giving the right amount of time to both your academic life and your partner's, letting them know your upcoming studying commitments, a relationship would still be very much possible. Don't give up!

We wish you the very best of luck not only with your studies, but also with finding a fully understanding potential soulmate while doing so.

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Student Relationship