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Students turn to the world of dating apps

It's not always easy to meet new people and expand your circle of networks, especially during the times when you barely have the time to do any human interaction. 


While some still tend to remain traditional in their approaches, others are in favour of digital dating, which ideally should lead up to meeting the person at a later stage.


Students seem to be quite active on these dating apps, possibly due to their busy lifestyles. Others have to also deal with a part-time job… as such the prospect of dating apps seems to have hit it off with many.

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There are various dating apps on the market for people to download, swipe or tap people they fancy.


The list of dating apps is endless, but there are some top applications that most students turn to (that are mostly free 🤑 but paid plans often unlock other features):





Being the most common one among students, Tinder allows users to pick their choice of people they wish to see or skip, when they start swiping left or right 🤔




One of the most popular dating app in the LGBTIQ+ community, which provides its users the possibility to find someone who might be of interest 😜

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Facebook Dating


Facebook Dating


A newer functionality baked right into the main Facebook app, making it easier for you to find your potential love 🥰

Although some of these apps offer the possibilities for networking and getting to know other people, one has to also remember to use them vigilantly. There were a number of cases reported in the media where such apps were misused, and which saw a number of victims of various cases.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold, and you should always be sure of who you are talking to before meeting up physically.

That said, it’s not all doom and gloom, and there are other cases where some actually do find the right one as they browse these apps! 🤩 


Have you found your special one through a dating app?

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Always use dating apps responsibly.