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1 year relationship: Ups, downs and the in-betweens

After a year in a relationship with my boyfriend, we started sharing the same lifestyle, goals and interests, but our characters are quite the opposite.

Saying that we haven’t grown and learned more than we did, would be a lie… so here is what I gained from this experience so far:


To be honest, sometimes I could use my own advice for sure! 😆



Communication, Communication, Communication!


Most relationships break because of the lack of communication between the two. No one is perfect, and sometimes one person can unintentionally do something that might not always be right.

Letting things build up will create tension and eventually someone will burst, making the issue much harder to resolve.

With effective communication, any issue or misunderstanding could be resolved quickly, limiting any possible damage on the relationship.




Compromising is an important factor, as both parties sacrifice time, space and materialistic items to grow better together.

One has to understand that no two people are the same regardless of how similar their characters or likings may be.

Having it all one way means the other person’s needs or wants are not being considered.

When compromising, the level of stress on an issue is also reduced, as some kind of equilibrium is reached.


You and your Partner vs ‘The Problem’

Issues and arguments are nothing out of this world, especially for two people who want the best for each other.

When problems do occur, it is important that you tackle them together.

Persisting on the argument will only make it worse.

Always respect, love and protect each other in a relationship... as those are the key things one could give and receive in life!


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