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Christmas Villages: 3 well-known European destinations!

Going abroad during December is considered magical by many, more so by those who appreciate the decorations and activities in time for the festive period. 

Flying in December

Many European countries do not shy away from organising so-called Christmas villages, whereby visitors can experience a number of food and beverage vendors, decorations, ice rinks, the North Pole’s post office and much more. 

Here are three well-known European destinations you can visit during December!

Vienna in December


Vienna, Austria 


This is one of the most popular destinations for Christmas time. Austria is truly magical; during winter, its charm is accentuated even further.

Various themed markets will be filling the streets of the Austrian Capital such as the Christmas Market at Schönbrunn Palace, the Village at Belvedere Palace and the one at the Campus University of Vienna, amongst others…


Florence, Italy


What’s better than walking through the streets of Florence surrounded by festive cheer, great food and ample opportunities to visit its art and historical sites as well…

The Tuscan city will surely put you into a festive mood with its set of Christmas Markets such as the ones set up at Piazza Santa Croce and Giardino della Fortezza.

The latter also includes an ice-skating rink… and not just any ice-skating rink, but the longest one in Europe!

Florence in December
London in December


London, United Kingdom


How can you not go to London in December and not pay a visit to the Christmas Market set up in Covent Garden?

This area, synonymous with shopping all year round, will take on a different skin for the festive period. So will the Kingston Christmas Market and that of Trafalgar Square.

The choices are endless!

Will you be visiting any of the above cities?


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Abroad in December