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Ho, ho, ho! Christmas takes over University Campus!

Christmas on Campus Inauguration 2022

You might have heard about Christmas on Campus festivities taking place at the University of Malta during the month of December…


But what is it exactly?

Kicking off officially on Wednesday 7 December saw the University gather around the Christmas tree on Quadrangle. Local Maltese singer, Milena Bianco performed in front of the live audience and those watching via the live stream provided, whilst the University Rector, Prof. Alfred Vella expressed his thoughts for this period. Representatives from KSU, Dar tal-Providenza and students pitched in as part of this inauguration.


Going forward, there will be events going on practically every day at Uni. On Monday 12 December, the Macrame Christmas Crafts event will take place in the KSU Common Room. We’re told that this event has already reached its limit of participants. 


On Wednesday 14 December, the Christmas Market on Campus will be hosting a number of vendors of macrame’, food, jewellery and ceramics, among others on Quadrangle. This will run from 09:00 till 15:00. 

Concurrently, a Christmas Hotdog Sale organised by the KSU and Chaplaincy will be taking place in the same area. Those who are into music could follow a performance at 12:30, done by the students from the School of Performing Arts (Department of Music).


A wine tasting session will be held in the KSU Common Room on Thursday 15 December at 12:30 with band X-Tend performing on Quadrangle just half an hour before…

This year’s theme for Christmas on Campus is ‘The Gift of Being’. More events can be seen in the whole programme set for this year’s edition of Christmas on Campus.


Are you a Uni student interested in attending any of the above events?

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The Gift of Being