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Carnival Weekend: 2nd chance for Maltese enthusiasts!

Malta Carnival
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Since the traditional Maltese Carnival celebrations were limited due to the restrictions related to COVID-19 earlier this year, the organising team behind it, Festivals Malta, proposed the second round of celebrations to be held from today, Friday 20 till Sunday 22 May. 

Here’s what you can expect from this year’s extraordinary Carnival celebrations:

On Friday 20 May


  • The King Carnival is expected to make its way through Valletta’s streets in its défilé after a special dancing show held in St George’s Square. 



  • Later in the evening, another event – ‘Ballu Tritoni’, featuring a number of Carnival exhibits will be held.


On Saturday 21 May


  • Dance companies from sections C and D join in with their installations in St George’s Square in Valletta together with a competitive dance show from Section C dancers.



  • A band parade in Republic Street, organised by Guggen Muzik Band Parade, will entertain those attending.



  • Producer Joseph Galea and writer Ċikku l-Poplu bring back a nice tradition through a live show of ‘Il-Qarċilla’. This will take place near the St John Co-Cathedral, specifically in St John’s Street, in Valletta.



  • King Carnival returns for the second time with a défilé and a competitive dance show in St George’s Square. Other exhibits from Section A will also be on display.



  • More carnival installations through a collaborative effort between Ballu Tritoni and the Valletta Cultural Agency.

On Sunday 22 May


  • Guggen Muzik Band returns with a Parade in Republic Street, featuring grotesque masks.



  • More competitive dance shows in St. George’s Square in Valletta, with another défilé show by King Carnival and various exhibits by Section A will be on show.



  • The live show ‘Il-Qarċilla’ will return for a second show at St. John’s Street in Valletta.



  • Ballu Tritoni will perform again together with a number of carnival installations.

The above programme can be found through the Festivals Malta website, together with other interesting resources and most importantly ways to register for the above events!



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Malta Carnival
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