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Brewing cups: 5 infused teas worth trying

While the staple English Breakfast tea remains one of the most preferred teas locally, the truth is that there remains a whole world of teas ready to be discovered.


Those who are more familiar with these would have an array of preferences to be indulged on during different times of the day or during various periods of the year… 



Here are our 5 most favourite infused teas to try out!

Infused tea
Blueberry tea




This flavourful infusion can be considered as a nice, heartwarming tea to take when you feel like you need that bit of comfort!

Like many tea infusions, blueberry tea can help boost your body to be more efficient such as with the digestive and immune system.




For those citrus lovers, this one is the go-to tea of choice. Lemon tea would definitely have that sharp, citrus taste that is often associated not only with lemon but also with detoxing drinks that are on the market.

Lemon is known to be a good antioxidant as well as a promoter for anti-inflammation. Such tea can also reduce the risk of heart diseases and other related issues.

Lemon tea
Malva tea




Might be a bit tricky to find locally, Malva tea or Common Mallow is not only a comforting tea but also one which may induce other health benefits such as anti-inflammation, a better digestive system and can also be used to avoid headaches.




Just like the blueberry tea, this one is boasting the flavour of strawberries, and for strawberry lovers this would often be the selling point.

To cut to the chase, strawberry-infused tea is often connected to anti-ageing, better immune system as well as improves the functions within the brain.

Strawberry tea
Peppermint tea




Left at the end of the list as this one is quite particular. It’s definitely not for everyone as its taste is rather particular…

Some might consider it bland and tasteless, however peppermint tea might help you boost your energy, sleep better as well as giving your breath a bit of freshness…

Remember all the above are a selection of the wide range of teas available on the market. 

While the health benefits are an indication of what these teas can offer, they should not be considered as professional medical advice.

That said, tea buffs would often have a range of teas available at arm’s length to wind down after a stressful day… and that in itself is a way and opportunity of clearing the mind of anything daunting and focusing on what matters most in your life.

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The contents of this article/post should not be considered as professional medical advice.
Consult your health professional if suffering from any related symptoms.