21 Dec, 2021 In Lifestyle & Travel

Why is body positivity so important?

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Growing up in a time where one’s body is a factor to be judged is never easy on anyone.


Judging someone based on what their look is that might not be always easy to change or be better in could cause serious mental health issues.


The ‘perfect’ body never existed but as time goes on, trends change and what is the ‘cutest’ or the ‘perfect body’ did too.


Body positivity is important because as trends and views on what is considered ‘attractive’ change, so does the perspective for many, on an individual level. 

Being in love with yourself is one of those life goals which help you achieve a happier, satisfied life, and as such due to certain stigmas, the importance of body positivity never felt more important as it does nowadays.


With many hate comments passed on to others on their body, how they look or dress, the damage incurred could lead to deeper and more serious mental health issues, which might not always be easy to overcome. 

Learning to achieve body positivity, self acceptance and the ability to appreciate features found in others, are more important because they might be the cultural inspiration in reducing bullying, judgmental comments and arguments among kids, teens and possibly adults.


As people grow older, the need to make people more aware and understanding that we are unique and sport a different body shape, size and skin colour would aid in creating a more accepting and inclusive society. 

I hope that this has helped you appreciate yourself more and those around you!


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