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Into Aviation? Here are 4 things you can do

Definitely one of the most interesting sectors to study, work or get personally invested in!


Aviation goes beyond the aeroplane and with us being a small, isolated archipelago in the Mediterranean, this sector has always been important since its inception, albeit for different use cases… 


Needless to say, nowadays it is most popular in the tourism industry, for people to move around and visit new places!

But what kind of activities can you delve into within the realms of aviation?

Glad you asked! Let’s see…





This is a perfect activity especially if you take pride in capturing that exact moment when an aeroplane touches down or leaves the runway.

Various strategic spots can be ideal for that photo all your friends are talking about.


Studying aviation


If the wish to become a pilot stayed with you past the age of 5, then chances are that you are really interested in this sector.

Maybe you have loitered to actually make the move and apply for that course which will eventually lead you to become a commercial aeroplane pilot. Don’t waste more time, this might be your final call! (pun)

Studying Aviation
Tracking Flights


Tracking flights


It could also be that you are just interested in knowing what that distant flying object in the distance above your head is.

Free online tools like FlightRadar24 can also be useful to help you identify not only the aeroplane but also the type, its destination and also offers a way to track it as it makes its way to the final destination.


Visiting aviation museums


Being at the heart of the Mediterranean with a rich wartime history is undoubtedly the ideal reason to visit an aviation museum.

In Malta, the Aviation Museum is located in Ta’ Qali, and features various aircrafts, uniforms, as well as other related attractions. 

Aviation Museum

Do you have a flair for aviation?


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