07 Sep, 2021 In Lifestyle & Travel

Asking yourself these 10 questions will prove you’re doing better than you think you are

Life is just so much of a rollercoaster of emotions that the highs can feel extremely good and the lows will leave you absolutely floored for a while. Growing up and finding your own place while ensuring personal success on the education front is a lot to cope with, and a handful of doubts, plus a sprinkle of unfortunate circumstances can throw you in a loop of negative thinking.


I know the feeling, but I am also convinced you are doing better than you think you are. Just ask yourself these 10 questions to put yourself back on the good vibes track.

1. What are the goals you are working towards?

You have dreams, and these are helping you look beyond your immediate present.


Maybe you need to design a plan of action towards reaching those goals, but you’ve got some solid foundations.

2. One for the Tolkien fans out there…

Sure, you might have accidentally made them smile because you’ve ever-so-slightly embarrassed yourself, but hey it still counts.


Bringing laughter into someone’s life means you’ve, in MJ’s words, made their world a better place.

3. What is it that you don’t like?

You’ll argue that it takes you ages to figure out what you really like and are passionate about, but an equally important part of this process is discovering who you are by process of elimination.


Knowing what you don’t want is half the battle overcome.

4. Do you ask a lot of questions?

While you’re sitting there labelling yourself as a super sceptical individual, you’re also showing self-awareness.


You’re telling me you have the ability to be objective and reflexive at the same time.

5. Have you been rejected lately?

Yes, it won’t go your way every day.

Yes, it hurts and nobody can really understand what you’re going through.

When you’re in it, it frankly sucks. But each rejection is an opportunity and a possibility for something better.

6. What has changed for you in the last year?

It might be a little, or it might be a lot, but reflecting on how far you’ve come and how further you’ve moved means you’re not stuck in your ways and you’re evolving, slowly but surely.

7. Are you mad at someone because they let you down?

The more people you know, the bigger the likelihood this holds some truth. But I also know that you’ve let them into your life because they’re worth being there.


They make your life richer. Think more about how happy they’ve made you, and some of the madness might fade away.

8. Are you able to go for a walk if you wanted to, right now?

Never underestimate the power of feeling free enough to wander off by yourself for a short while, or the fact that your body, with all its limitations, can carry you wherever you want to go.


And stop putting off that exercise session – being active will make you feel better.

9. Do you feel safe?

It might be a thought at the back of your head, or a feeling that comes and goes in waves, but walking through life feeling fearful would cause you an insane amount of worry.


Bask in that feeling of safety and start being grateful for it.

10. Do you feel like you have something to prove?

The truth is, proving yourself won’t bring much gratification.


People will be impressed not by the need to prove yourself but by your maturity and ability to prioritise things.

So, are you feeling a bit better about your life now?

Perhaps it’s time to give yourself a break!


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