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5 ways to cope with anxiety while waiting for results

Exam time is stressful enough and we all understand what it means to feel anxious, but one part of the whole exam season that no one talks about is the waiting that comes after.


All those weeks and months where we’re left wondering if we passed or failed… It can really make anxiety spike.


So while you’re waiting, here are some things to try and keep your anxiety levels relatively low. 

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Keep Physically Active


Yes… this old cliché... But believe it or not it really does help to keep your anxiety at bay when you’re moving around.


This honestly does not have to be physical exercise, it could also be cleaning your room, or walking around campus. Just keep moving and keep your mind focused elsewhere.


Make Sleep a Priority


Sleeping can be difficult to achieve when anxiety strikes!


It usually makes it hard to shut your thoughts off and actually go to have a restful sleep. But sleep is vital for our help… Losing on it is only going to make the symptoms of your anxiety worse.


So try finding some sleep meditation videos on YouTube, using them as a guide and way to focus your mind on something else until you eventually fall asleep.

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Group of friends




People can be your worst nightmare if you have social anxiety, but it’s important to develop a network of people who you feel safe with


So when anxiety comes creeping in you can turn to them to open up or just distract yourself.


Friends and family are there to support you and if you struggle opening up to them then there are professionals everywhere who can help.


Write down your thoughts


A journal can become your best friend.


When we feel anxious our thoughts tend to spiral out of control and all the bad things come to light. So it helps to jot down what you’re thinking so you can view it in a more rational way.


Most of the time, once you see the issue on paper it doesn’t seem as scary as it used to.

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Practice focused, deep breathing


The last trick in my arsenal is deep breathing. Everyone has their own way of doing it but this is my personal method.


Breathe in deep for 4 counts, until you feel like your chest is completely full of air, then exhale for another 4 counts. While you exhale, imagine the knot of anxiety in your chest slowly coming undone and leaving your body.


Slowly but surely, this will help you to ground yourself and calm down.

I understand that exams are hard and I understand that waiting can be even harder, but remember you’re not alone.


Most students feel the same way. Help is always available and it's ok to ask for it! I hope these tips will help you to master your anxiety and if you have any tips of your own let us know over on our socials!

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