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5 things I cannot live without as a student

As a student, some items are just so vital for my busy lifestyle, that I simply cannot go a day without them. Whether you are rushing to finalise your assignments or just getting mentally prepared for yet another year, these items can definitely be lifesavers to get things in order for that deadline.


Here are 5 things I cannot live without as a student:

Student using Smart Watch


Phone 📱


Nowadays, a phone is almost a given in the Western world and most probably, every student uses it without understanding its effect on our daily lives.

Usually smaller tasks are done on it, while facilitating communication amongst family and friends.

Furthermore, catching up on our friends’ latest Instagram Stories is not really essential... but we still do it anyway 


Laptop 💻


During assignments and exams period, your laptop never leaves your sight as most probably we tend to make the best out of the time and try to get the most things done whenever possible.

Other than that, they serve great entertainment devices, for when you want to watch that extra episode on Netflix.

A laptop is the go-to device to use for its portability and therefore practicability.




Although this device is not really the most important item for many individuals, once you get your hands on one you would never really look back again.

Although for years its main purpose was to keep track of your lifestyle, changes and reiterations saw the smartwatch morphing into a side-companion which allows you to stay on top of your notifications such as with calls, texts or those daily reminders to water those plants! 


Facemasks 😷


There is not much to say about a Mask as it is quite self-explanatory.

In order to retain a level of safety in public, a face mask is definitely recommended.

It arguably became the one thing you grab before leaving the door and whenever you forget it, it feels like you are literally walked out naked.


Energy ⚡️


Whether it’s stemming from a long, deep sleep or those 3 cups of coffee before 9am, energy  is definitely a need when it comes to focusing on your work and getting things done…

It may also come in handy when spending a night on the dance floor (and we recommend you doing that on a weekend night 😅)

What do you think of these items? Are they important to you?


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Student using laptop