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5 Good Habits Successful Students Have

As 2021/22’s second semester is now well underway, students have to now balance out a number of tasks, ranging from assignments and presentations, all the way to getting ready for the upcoming exam season.


Therefore, we listed some of the good habits that successful students tend to have, in order for you to get yourself ready while there is still some time left until the end of the semester.

Girl studying
Girl studying


Organise yourself and your study space


Starting off with one of the most important ones out there, making sure to be organised is crucial in the life of a student.


Make sure to plan out what you have to do and to start those lecture readings way ahead of the actual lecture so that you will be properly ready by the time they are needed.


Additionally, organising your study space is equally as important. Make sure to keep everywhere tidy and make the desk you are working at a neat and relaxing space, free from distractions like television, social media and noise.


Set a schedule


Do you tend to be more productive right after getting home from school or do you prefer night time studying sessions? Do you get more done in 90-minute sessions or 30-minute splits?


Make sure to find a schedule that works for you, all while planning ahead and making sure to not cram everything into one session or to not leave everything for the last minute.

Writing on agenda
Man studying


Divide everything up and don’t multitask


Studying may be tedious and annoying, and forcing yourself through a very long study session will only make it worse.


Avoid multitasking and doing multiple things at once, and just focus on the task at hand, while dividing your work appropriately in order to accomplish one task at a time.


Also be sure to reward yourself after completing a chunk of work so that you can make studying relatively more enjoyable!




We seriously can’t stress this enough. Note-taking is important both during lectures and while you are studying at home.


Taking notes will keep you more engaged during class, focusing on what the important aspects of the lecture are, and they will also allow you to formulate the concepts and ideas in your own words, making them easier to remember.


Additionally, it is much simpler to re-read notes rather than an entire book when exam season comes, so be sure to implement this technique when you are actually studying as well!

Girl Highlighting notes
Boy sleeping surrounded by books


Get plenty of sleep!


The one habit that so many students find so hard to grasp.


You cannot underestimate the importance of getting the right amount of sleep every night. If you get a good night’s sleep regularly, then your focus and concentration will be much sharper, and your working memory will be much more efficient.


(Try not to oversleep and overdo this though, six to eight hours of sleep should be enough)

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