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5 European destinations to consider this summer!

If you haven’t yet decided where to go this Summer, then you need to read the following and hopefully we’ll inspire your next destination away from the hustle and bustle of the daily routine!

With many still haven’t been abroad since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, this could be the chance to change that over!


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Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon, Portugal


The capital city of Portugal could be the right destination for those who like the city vibe coupled with the proximity to the sea.

With a climate similar to that of Malta, Lisbon could have you visiting one of its many museums, coffee shops, or experiencing some of its beautiful beaches!


Dublin, Ireland


From southern Europe to the northern parts, Dublin will surely be on the list of many this summer…

Especially those seeking to escape from the heat of the Mediterranean summer!

For the history buffs, Dublin offers attractions such as St Patrick’s Cathedral and the Dublin Castle, while those who prefer going to parks, Phoenix Park should be on the bucket list.

Dublin, Ireland
Mykonos, Greece


Mykonos, Greece


The Mediterranean lifestyle is very difficult to beat, and those who like the beautiful seas this area has to offer will often find this destination to be one of the many Greek islands, an attractive one.

Partygoers will also have a lot of places to go and unwind, away from the stresses of modern-day life.

However, the place also offers other interesting spots to visit, such as the Kato Myloi windmills.


Palma, Balearic Islands


Talking about the Mediterranean makes you think of the Balearic Islands.

While Ibiza still retains its popularity among those looking for nightlife, the Island of Mallorca offers this and much more!

With landmarks going back to the 13th century, and beautiful beaches such as that of S'Arenal in Palma, it’s very tempting not to go and visit this Summer!

Palma, Mallorca
Ischia, Italy


Ischia, Italy


Finally, closer to us, we find this beautiful gem of an Island.

Ischia is an Italian volcanic island off the coast of Naples.

It enjoys spectacular views such as those of the Aragonese Castle, whilst boasting a number of exquisite beaches to choose from, with various spots where one can bathe under the Italian sun!

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