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Spa Days, Picnics, and DIY Gifts: 5 awesome ways to spoil mum this Mother's Day!

Mother’s Day is approaching fast and this weekend might be the time to give that special person in your life a day to remember! Whether you are up to relax, enjoy the sun or choosing that perfect gift, we’ve got something for you!


Let’s start!

Mother's Day
Hike Malta


Outdoor activities


Nothing beats a nice day out as the weather gets warmer and more activities take place on the outdoors.

If you all lead an active lifestyle then going for a hike or a bike ride somewhere away from the daily hustle and bustle, then this might be the idea to work on!


Spa day


Maybe you just want to gift something relaxing whilst taking it easy together.

After all, after all those stressful days, one time to pamper her and release all those knots could be the key to a more serene mother.

Spa Day
Cooking with Mum


Become a chef!


Okay maybe not a chef, but if you are good in the kitchen you might very well be the ideal candidate to prepare something special for your mother.

Try to understand what she likes best, and if you feel up to the challenge, try it out! You might actually be surprised with your newly discovered talent!


Do it yourself


The gift we mean! Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes arts and crafts.

If so, head over to places like Pinterest and see if you get that right amount of inspiration to come up with something cute and meaningful to give as a gift!

You can also go the extra mile and make a handmade card all from scratch!

DIY Crafts
Games Night


Games night


Some families enjoy having a right good laugh over a board game, others take it away from the house and into the bowling alley.

See what works best for your mother and try to find a game she enjoys playing with the rest of your family! 

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Mother's Day