25 Jun, 2021 In Gaming

5 Games to Play if you loved Resident Evil Village

The Resident Evil franchise has been around since the first PlayStation and its latest release has been a hit with fans and critics alike.

If you have just finished Capcom’s latest game and you still feel up for another survival horror game to be frightened by, here are 5 spine-chilling games you should look into adding to your collection.

Resident Evil Village
Dying Light


Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition


Available on: PC, PS4 & Xbox One
Metacritic Score: 86
Price: €50 - €60
Year of Release: 2016

Not your typical zombie horror game, Dying Light manages to mix the typical zombie game with an open-world playground that is ready to be explored.

The game makes killing and escaping from zombies not only thrilling, but genuinely fun as it implements a fluid first-person parkour system that makes the game ten times more enjoyable.

The game can also be enjoyed with friends as it supports up to four-person co-op play, so you don’t have to face the horrific zombies alone.


Days Gone

Available on: PC & PS4
Metacritic Score: 71
Price: €50 - €70
Year of Release: 2019

Days Gone

Set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie filled America you play as Deacon who is riding through an expansive open world looking for answers.

Scavenging for fuel, scrap and other resources to keep your motorcycle running has never been more fun.

With a good mix of main story missions and side quests, this game could keep you busy for more than 50 hours.

Alien Isolation


Alien Isolation

Available on: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch
Metacritic Score: 81
Price: €35
Year of Release: 2014

Enjoyable to fans of the Alien franchise and those who have never watched a single movie, Alien Isolation is a stress inducing survival game that will make you hold your breath.

Get ready to get chased and hunted by the Xenomorph as you search around in an eerie space station, knowing you can get outsmarted and killed at any second.




Available on: PC, PS4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch
Metacritic Score: 80
Price: €15 - €20
Year of Release: 2013


More straightforward than the more recent Resident Evil Games, in Outlast you are mainly running away and hiding in the haunted asylum.

It still holds up from its initial release back in 2013 and the atmosphere created in this game is enough to make anyone frightened.

It can be completed relatively shortly as the main campaign should take around 5 hours to complete, but once you finish Outlast, there is an equally terrifying sequel ready to be played.

The Last of Us


The Last of Us


Available on: PS3 & PS4
Metacritic Score: 95
Price: €20
Year of Release: 2013

Not only just a near perfect horror game, The Last of Us is masterpiece and a lesson on how to create modern survival horror games.

The campaign puts less importance on the clickers (this universe’s zombies) and focuses on the powerful narrative and intertwining story of the two main characters, Joel and Ellie.

Get ready to experience one of the most beautiful and immersive stories not just in gaming, but in all media.