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3 YouTube Channels to follow for vegan food inspiration

Thinking of including more plant-based food in your diet? It’s beneficial not only for your health, but also for animals, the environment, and our planet’s health, in general…


Here are 3 YouTube channels to provide you with the inspiration and knowledge you need...

Rainbow Plant Life
Nisha Vora/rainbowplantlife.com


Rainbow Plant Life

Nisha Vora is a food blogger, photographer, and cookbook author, the chef behind the channel Rainbow Plant Life!

She started building Rainbow Plant Life in 2017 and kept growing ever since! Nisha shares videos all related to delicious healthy vegan cuisine.

Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner… any meal you can imagine! Moreover, in the YouTube Channel, you’ll also find content related to vegan grocery shopping, which is an excellent way to help you throughout your cooking journey. 


Avant Garde Vegan


Gaz Oakley, known as Avant Garde Vegan, is a vegan chef, food blogger and cookbook author. Since moving to Cardiff, Wales he has been sharing YouTube videos of him creatively cooking in the countryside.

All the recipes he shares on YouTube are always so beautifully presented and he posts other insightful content such as 'What I eat in a day' videos!

Gaz Oakley also worked with Vurger Co as an Executive Chef and Wagamama where he created vegan dishes for their menu.

Avant Garde Vegan
Gaz Oakley/avantegardevegan.com
Sadia and the PUL team
Sadia and Robin/pickuplimes.com


Pick Up Limes

Sadia Badiei started the blog ‘Pick Up Limes’ in 2014 and posted her first YouTube video in 2017. Besides being an incredible cook and food blogger, she’s a dietician too!

Many cooking videos are shared on the channel of healthy vegan recipes inspired by cuisines from all over the world such as Italian, Indian, Mexican, and Asian.

Moreover, due to her background in nutrition, Sadia also shares content related to nutrition such as the following: Nutrition Tips I’d Give my Younger Self and Healthy Eating Hacks

Make sure to check out these channels, you will love them!


They’re excellent to follow especially if you’re looking into eating more plant-based meals and looking into improving your cooking skills, plus your relationship with food! 😉



Do you follow any of these channels?

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