27 Jun, 2023 In Food

Top 5 irresistible ice creams to beat the Maltese heat

Summer heat finally kicked in and while it does get warm during the day, we can always use it as the perfect excuse to cool off with an ice-cream!


Here are some of our favourite flavours that might be ideal for Summer 2023!

Malta Summer
Cookies and Cream Ice Cream


Cookies and cream


Imagine this with crushed chocolate or vanilla cookies mixed into a creamy base… Yum!

A definite winner in our list of favourite ice cream flavours this summer!


Chocolate ice cream


A classic.

Chocolate ice cream is one of the most popular flavours you could think of.

Whether you like it simple or otherwise feel more adventurous with a chocolate chip or fudge variety, this one is set to be a staple under the Maltese sun.

Chocolate Ice Cream
Strawberry Ice Cream


Strawberry ice cream


Love it or hate it, we couldn’t go by without mentioning this one. Strawberry ice cream can be a very refreshing variety that will almost make you feel like you’re being healthy…

No no, joking aside, it is delicious… Don’t you think?


Pistachio ice cream


Again, not everyone’s cup of tea… or rather ice cream cone, but still there’s something about it which makes it delightful and appetising to try out, especially if you appreciate that nutty flavour.  

Pistachio Ice Cream
Tiramisu Ice Cream


Tiramisù ice cream


Ending this list with a staple Italian dessert in the form of an ice cream.

This summer might be your time to enjoy the taste of coffee, mascarpone cheese and cocoa… in frozen form!

Will you be trying any of them? 

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