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Seasonal foods: Eating during Autumn time…

Autumn is in full swing… well in theory that is.


With the Maltese Islands still experiencing some warm weather, the idea of easing into the winter routine starts to confuse us a bit. 

Autumn Food

But fear not! 

We’re here to remind you of what you might be happy to try out this Autumn season, especially if you’re still sipping on those ice-cold lemonades!

Lentil Soup


Nanna’s lentil soup


This gives us that homely feel as the bubbling soup is presented to us at the table.

Full of rich nutrients and traditional ways that give it that extra sprinkle of joy, nanna’s lentil soup will surely be that thing we yearn for year after year.


Sunday night’s Ricotta pie


Nothing says “give me a break from all this cooking” than that quick Sunday night’s ricotta pie.

This can also be done ahead of time and frozen, ready to be heated up and enjoyed by all the family.

It also doubles as a great snack for those Netflix ‘n chill moments.

Ricotta Pie


Dentex al forno


If fish is your thing then this time of the year you might be looking at one of the special ones such as the Dentex.

In Autumn time, the Dentex family will be bursting round the Mediterranean – bringing together our authentic local tastes all in one dish and onto our plate. 


The Greek Moussaka


Staying Mediterranean means that we also see what other neighbouring countries are doing and try them ourselves.

The Moussaka, hailing from Greece and other Balkan countries, is another dish that will quench those flavours you’ve been willing to taste.

Whether you’re doing it for Sunday’s supper or a mid-week dinner, this recipe will make you want more of it after each and every bite you taste.

Autumn Food



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