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Keep it warm this December!

With Christmas time getting closer and closer and the weather getting colder and colder it’s only natural for everyone to start searching for their favourite warm drinks this Christmas time.


Soooo, let's cut to the chase, shall we?

Christmas drink
Hot Chocolate Marshmallow


Hot chocolate


Personally, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with some old fashioned hot chocolate! 

This delicious treat is just what I need after being caught in the rain! Its versatility allows you to add all sorts of different flavours and toppings to make this sweet treat even more delicious.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love spending a night curled up under the blankets while you sip a nice warm mug of hot cocoa~

But let’s not get hung up on hot chocolate, we can’t forget our good old friend tea, but not just any tea... no, no, no!

When Christmas comes around then it’s time to start drinking some refreshing peppermint tea!


Peppermint Tea


Now, maybe peppermint tea isn’t your cup of… tea and that’s absolutely fine, you can just pick a different flavour.

And possibly you like yourself a cup of good ol’ fashioned breakfast tea, in which case make it festive by enjoying some gingerbread on the side!

Traditional Mint Tea

Next up we have the iconic eggnog! 





Now, this isn’t a very popular drink here in Malta but who hasn’t heard of this American favourite?

Most days this is served chilled but an exception can be made during the colder days (like the ones we’ve been having recently).

So if you’re ever walking through the store and see a carton of eggnog, pick it up and take it home cause that might be the only one you’ll find!

Finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas without everyone’s favourite boozy drink: Mulled wine!


Mulled wine


Okay okay, I know that it sounds basic but let’s be honest, mulled wine is a staple of festive drinks!

And even if you aren’t much of a wine drinker you’ve at least tasted it once.

Between us... I personally will never turn down a glass of wine to get me through a family party!

Mulled wine

Did we miss any of your favourite hot beverages to enjoy around this time of year?


If so let us know on our socials!