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Speedy healthy meals in under 20 minutes

In the mood of something quick and nutritious?


Here are 4 recipe ideas which are especially perfect for those tiring student days i.e., most days...

Vegan Chickpea Sandwich


Loaded Chickpea Sandwich


Change up your sandwich game: You may use crunchy Maltese bread or whole grain seeded bread, which is a personal favourite.


Try out this Easy Chickpea Salad Sandwich which is a great lunch idea, filling and rich in fibre and protein, mainly due to the chickpeas. 


Pita Veggie Pizza


Using pita bread as a pizza base may offend the Italians, however it’s a simple way to satisfy that pizza craving, and might I add, very delicious.

Add some vegetables to make it more nutritious, such as kalamata olives, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Sprinkle dried herbs such as oregano for some extra flavour! Check out the Vegan Veggie Pita Pizzas recipe by This Savory Vegan for some inspiration! 

Pita Bread Pizza
Vegan Tofu Curry


Hearty Tofu Curry


This is a hearty meal, perfect for those days when you’re in the mood of a comforting meal.


The 5 Minute Tofu, Kale and Chickpea curry is a go-to recipe and is perfectly served with some basmati rice!


Roasted Tomato Pasta


A classic pasta dish, especially tasty with local juicy Maltese tomatoes. The Easy Roasted Tomato Pasta is a recipe which is simple but so flavourful.


You may add other vegetables such as roasted zucchini and garnish the dish with some nuts such as walnuts to add some healthy fats and more nutrients!


To increase the protein content, include some beans such as butter beans or even use a type of pasta made from chickpeas, lentils or peas. 


Remember to include as many plant-based foods as possible in your meals. Cooking doesn’t need to take a lot of time or be complicated at all.


Add different vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, and seeds. Use grains (e.g., rice, barley) and make use of whole grain food products such as pita bread, pasta, couscous and wraps to make easy speedy meals throughout the week!


Would you try any of these recipes?

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