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Self-sustained kitchen: 3 ingredients to grow at home

Being able to grow your own ingredients always gives a sense of control of what you’re eating, avoiding harmful things such as the need for pesticides or other chemicals in the process. 


But what kind of ingredients could you grow at home with ease and no added stress?


Here are 3 herbs we recommend:

Home Garden Herbs




This herb like many others requires very little from your end. Make sure you expose it to a lot of sunlight which will help it grow further.

Overwatering is not recommended especially for thyme which likes just the right amount of hydration.

Thyme will also add that special taste to those potatoes you’re about to pop in the oven.




A staple in many dishes, parsley makes another great addition to your little green area at home.

Parsley needs to be watered abundantly and it likes a lot of sunlight. It will also make a nice decoration on a windowsill next to where you cook.

A trick for places where not a lot of sunlight passes is to use fluorescent lighting to help this herb grow.





Have to end this short list with a bang. The basil plant is always important to have nearby.

Being one of those ingredients you add in many Mediterranean-style dishes, basil not only is beautiful to give an extra taste, but is also nice to look at as it is flourishing.

Basil needs a damp environment, as such you need to water it quite regularly especially in the hot summer months. If your plant produces a lot of basil, you can stock up your harvest in the freezer for later use.

Will you be growing any of the above?


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