01 Dec, 2021 In Food

Christmas desserts students absolutely LOVE

Christmas time, the best time of the year, and with it fast approaching now it won’t take long for all the delicious Christmas food to start rolling out.


So here is a list of the 5 most popular Christmas desserts among students!

Christmas Log


Christmas log


Now, who doesn’t love a good piece of Christmas log?

This delicious chocolaty treat is the perfect way to wrap up a satisfying Christmas lunch or dinner! Now everyone makes their Christmas log a little differently but it’s safe to say they are always chocolatey, mostly boozy and sometimes crunchy.

But the fact of the matter is that this French dessert is always welcome in our Maltese households.


Qagħqa tal-Għasel / Honey Rings


Unlike the Christmas log, this dessert is 100% Maltese in origin.

Now some people might argue that you can buy a honey ring on any day of the year so they shouldn’t be on this list. But I disagree!

Nothing beats sitting down with your family, with a mug of tea or hot chocolate and some delicious honey rings while you open presents on Christmas day.

Honey Rings
Mince Pies


Mince pies


Ahhh, mince pies, who doesn’t adore this British treat? Unlike the other desserts on this list, making mince pies takes time and a lot of preparation so when you get your hands on one it’s always a special treat.

Some people make their own, others buy them by the dozen, however when you get them you know they are a unique Christmas treat. 



 The Panettone... Everyone has had one or at least seen one before.

They’re a staple of Christmas dinners everywhere. This Italian delicacy is the dessert of choice in most homes since it’s light, sweet, customisable, and cheap... All the things Maltese people love basically.

Hot Beverage


Imbuljuta tal-Qastan


Now, this might be a bit of a less popular dessert, not because it isn’t delicious but because it’s not really that well-known.

This local dish of warm chestnuts and warm chocolate sauce is favoured especially on the coldest nights of December since it warms you right up.

Again the Imbuljuta is cheap to buy and loved by many of the more traditional residents of this Island. 

And that brings us to the end of this list!


Needless to say, this hardly covers all the delicious Christmas food we enjoy here in Malta!


Let us know what your favourite thing to eat is this time of year via our socials!