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6 Healthy Foods to Stock Up on today!

Do you have trouble choosing healthy foods when grocery shopping?


Here are 6 nutritious foods to stock up on…

Perfect to incorporate in snacks and quick simple meals. 

Woman smiling with tropical fruit
Nut butter


Nut Butter


Who doesn’t love nut butter? Either make your own nut butter using a high-quality food processor or else purchase products that do not have added oils, sugars, and preservatives.


Nut butter tastes delicious with fresh fruit, dried fruit (especially Medjool dates).


It’s great to add to a dressing with stir-fried noodles, to make energy balls, a smoothie and to include in a bowl of porridge!


Fresh, Dried & Frozen Fruit


Just choose your favourite fruit and add it to any snacks and meals (especially breakfast).


When choosing fresh fruit, try to opt for what’s local and in season. With regards to dried fruit, dates are amazing to have in the cupboard!


Berries and mangoes are ideal to purchase frozen especially since they aren’t easily available fresh in Malta.  

Fresh Fruit


Wholegrains (e.g., Oats)


Having a packet of oats, wholegrain pasta, rice, and a loaf of seeded bread available is so convenient!


Remember, that these foods are rich in fibre and can easily be used to incorporate in both snacks and simple speedy meals. 


Canned Beans (e.g., chickpeas)


Even though beans generally don’t have the best reputation, they’re so delicious and easy to add to meals!


Choosing canned beans is convenient… Just make sure to rinse them with water before consuming them, in order to remove the excess salt. Red kidney beans, chickpeas and butter beans would be the 3 staple beans to have stocked up.


They may be added to pasta sauces, to make a bean chilli, a dip, or even roasted with spices (especially chickpeas) Also, beans are excellent to add more protein to your diet… the plant-based way.  

Chickpeas Curry Sauce


Fresh Tomatoes


Fresh tomatoes are so versatile, the main ingredient to make the quickest garlicky tomato pasta sauce!


They’re also perfect to make a quick bruschetta mix, to make guacamole and to include in a hummus wrap or sandwich!


Dried Herbs & Spices


To infuse your meals with flavour, herbs and spices are KEY ingredients.


The 3 herbs we recommend are: oregano, rosemary, and thyme…these are all great to include in pasta sauces and to make homemade baked potatoes!


With regards to spices: cinnamon, smoked paprika and cumin are the top 3 spices you need to have stocked up! For example, cinnamon may be added to cookies, cakes, porridge, an oat crumble, granola bars… the list is endless!

Herbs and spices

The next time you go food shopping, pick up these foods and experiment with some tasty recipes!


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