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5 Healthy Eating Habits for Students

Struggling to eat healthy meals filled with nourishing foods?


Here are 5 simple tips to improve your eating habits today!

Avocado Bruschetta
Fruit Smoothie


Love what you eat!


Remember, consuming nutritious meals isn't about restricting food groups.


A sustainable way of eating is about being in tune with the needs of your body, loving what you eat and understanding that food is supposed to nourish YOU. 


Stock up on Fibre Rich Foods


Stock up on foods such as nuts, seeds, cereals (e.g., oats), dried and fresh fruit, dark chocolate, wholegrain crackers, rice cakes, bean dips (e.g., hummus) etc...


Limit buying too many high processed foods such as candy, crisps, and biscuits… at least just purchase one of these items when food shopping. 

Assortment of Dried Fruits and Nuts
Chopped Veg


Prepare or Plan Breakfast the Night Before


Prepare breakfast the night before to have ready to go the next morning (e.g., overnight oats, a fruit salad with a side of nut butter, a smoothie).


Or else, plan a simple breakfast which could be made in the morning – Place the ingredients on the kitchen table to have them ready as soon as you wake up (e.g., ingredients required to make avocado on toast or a bowl of porridge).


Meal Prep Two Meals and a Snack


Pick one day of the week and prep at least two meals which can be frozen and a snack which can be stored in the fridge.


As savoury meals opt for simple dishes which may be cooked in bulk such as a vegetable curry, sweet potato patties, and a pasta sauce.


As snacks, make some energy balls, oat cookies or banana muffins

Sweet Potato Burgers
Ginger Tea


Limit Sugary Drinks… but Hydrate!


Instead of soft drinks, cartons of juice and energy drinks which are filled with added sugars, and artificial colourings...


Opt for alternatives such as herbal teas (e.g., green tea, chai), smoothies, fresh juices or even make your own home-made iced tea!


To increase your intake of water, infuse water with some fresh mint, orange, and lemon wedges.

Hope this inspires you to improve your eating habits. Remember, what you eat 95% of the time matters, it’s not about perfection and neither restriction… It's about nourishing your wonderful body.

Everyone has his own food journey, pick quality ingredients, experiment with different recipes and enjoy the process!


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