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Tasty recipes using 5 commonly wasted foods

What if there was a way to reduce food waste?

Well, the great news is that there is!

It’s so important to understand that by discarding food, we’re also wasting the resources required to grow, process, and transport the food.

The following are ways of how to transform five commonly wasted foods into tasty recipes!

Wasted Foods




If fresh bread isn’t stored in the freezer, it’s going to become stale in about 1-2 days.

A quick way to use it up is to make some homemade herby Crispy Croutons which may be served with soup or added to a fresh salad...

I usually love adding these to a falafel salad! Another amazing way to use stale bread is to make French Toast drizzled with some maple syrup and fresh fruit. 




Especially in Malta, potatoes are very abundant, however unfortunately, they’re a commonly wasted food.

If you have leftover potato mash, make some vegetable potato patties, and a cool way to use up any potatoes available is to make Potato Stacks or Potato Chips

Random Vegetables


Random Vegetables


Sometimes I end up having a few vegetables in the fridge, but no recipe in mind.

A great way to use these vegetables is to make a Pasta Salad, a Bruschetta mix, a curry such as the Sweet Potato Curry and the Vegetable Curry with Turmeric Coconut Sauce.

Also, you can prepare Chickpea Flour Mini Quiche, perfect as a high protein plant-based snack!




Have you ever thrown away some bananas because they have over-ripened? I definitely have!

However, ripe spotty bananas are actually the best for baking.

They’re a natural sweetener and perfect to use to make Banana Bread, Smoothies, Oat Cookies or even Pancakes for those days when you’re not rushing to make breakfast for an early lecture!

Leafy Greens and Herbs


Leafy Greens and Herbs


If they’re not stored well, leafy greens and herbs will wilt and go off easily.

One of my favourite ways of using kale, arugula, spinach, and basil is to make a quick green pasta sauce.

The Curly Kale Linguine is a tasty quick pesto recipe with a super beautiful vibrant colour.  

Hope this encourages you to waste less food, be creative in the kitchen and cook delicious meals! 


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