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3 Delicious Vegan Breakfast Ideas (Part 1)

If you’re thinking of reducing your consumption of animal-based products this year, you can easily start by opting for a vegan breakfast!

When choosing a breakfast recipe, it’s ideal to have a source of complex carbohydrates present as fibre (e.g., oats, whole grain bread, berries, bananas), healthy fats (e.g., pumpkin seeds, walnuts, avocados) and protein (e.g., tofu, chia seeds, almonds).


Including minimally processed plant foods in your meals also means that you’re consuming more fibre… so make sure to drink enough water.

The following are three nutritious breakfast ideas to help you start this journey - tofu scramble on toast, chocolatey porridge, and a berry smoothie.

Tofu Scramble Toast


Tofu Scramble on Toast


This is a perfect savoury breakfast, easy, quick, and filling. Tofu is rich in plant protein and contains many nutrients such as calcium and iron.

This Tofu Scramble by Crowded Kitchen is a great recipe you can make or the Easy Tofu Scramble by Elbows on the Kitchen!

Tofu scramble may be served with some pan-roasted tomatoes, garlic mushrooms, avocado and greens such as spinach.

Also, instead of bread, you may serve it in a wrap or pita bread! 


Chocolatey Porridge


This breakfast tastes like dessert! Creamy, chocolatey, and sweet.

Cacao powder is highly nutritious especially because it contains polyphenols which are types of antioxidants that have many benefits within the body such as reducing inflammation and improving blood flow.

The Five Minute Chocolate Porridge by Deliciously Ella is an amazing recipe to follow or even the Chocolatey Porridge Bowl by Healthy Malta.

I usually add toppings such as hazelnuts, coconuts flakes and bananas to chocolate porridge. 

Chocolatey Porridge
Berry Smoothie


Berry Smoothie


Berries are definitely my favourite fruits. I usually purchase frozen blueberries, raspberries, and local strawberries when they’re in season, which typically is from March to May.

Berries are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre, and they don’t spike up sugar levels. Some of my top berry smoothies are the Blueberry & Banana Breakfast Smoothie, Strawberry Banana Smoothie and the Easy Berry Smoothie.

Tip: When strawberries are in season locally, freeze some to have when they’re out of season which is typically between June and February. 

Has this inspired you to create a tasty breakfast free from animal products?


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