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Weird facts you never thought are REAL!

Ah, we all do like some trivia from time to time. Whether making sure to never miss a show of say, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, or actively getting your favourite facts fix (mouthful), on YouTube, we can safely say you’ve got an inquisitive mind!


In this article, we’re taking you on a ride of strange facts from across the globe, from the invention of cotton candy, right down to a 20-year reigning mayor cat…



A lobster's feet fetish?


Yep, if ever a love for food can somehow be associated with feet, it would have to be related to a lobster’s way of tasting food.


These creatures have special taste buds, more specifically, pincers, which allow them to taste all that they are preying on…


Think of it like having your taste buds on the soles of your feet… 


Corny bum…


In the unfortunate event that you run out of toilet paper… like the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, sic, then corn cobs could very well be an alternative.


Yes, while you wish you’re still sleeping, the truth is that you’ve seen that one right! In the US, this was still a thing before the invention of toilet paper, and was noted to be quite useful at… well… you know...


Next time you see a corn cob, think twice!

Corn cob
NOT Stubbs


Vote for a mayor cat 


The legalities behind this idea leave a lot of questions in one’s mind… And, boy, you’re right to feel that way!


A mayor cat that went by the name, Stubbs, was in effect the mayor of Talkeetna - a small town in the North American state of Alaska, which during the turn of the millennium consisted of around 772 residents.


While Stubbs had a real human being taking care of the town’s needs, it did not shy away from welcoming those visiting Talkeetna throughout its 20 year lifetime.


Some poems of hatred


Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (or simply Michelangelo), known for his masterpieces in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, expressed his loathe for the Chapel in a poem he composed to his friend, writing: 

“I’ve already grown a goiter from this torture, 
hunched up here like a cat in Lombardy
(or anywhere else where the stagnant water’s poison).“


Next time you go on a tour at the Vatican Museums, think of Michelangelo as you admire his work.

Cotton Candy


Summer is on its way and so are cotton candy stands!


While your taste buds would be bursting with the sugary flavours of cotton candy, they would definitely not welcome the fact that it was in fact a dentist – William Morrison who had invented the ‘Fairy Floss’ in 1904 together with John C. Wharton.


It was later recreated and renamed to ‘Cotton Candy’ by yet another dentist – Josef Lascaux – there seems to be a trend here...


Well, ain’t that a great business plan to all dentists around the world! Next time your dentist tells you to cut down on sugary snacks, you have a great ‘gotcha’ moment!

Giving doggo a twin...


If you get a ‘NO’ when asking for a second dog or cat, think about the Queen of England and her seemingly endless list of swans. Yes, it is assumed that Lizzy owns all swans swimming in England and Wales’ open waters…


Not sure if the issue is with maintaining them or the yearly tradition of ‘Swan Upping’ exercises, whereby every swan in the River Thames is counted, on behalf of, yes you guessed it, the Queen herself.


Imagine being a swan and failing to present yourself on the day… Will you get a royal pardon?


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