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The Farsons Beer Festival returns tomorrow!

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Summer is all about festivals happening across the Maltese Islands.


After 2 long years with restrictions and no major events taking place, 2022 is set to get even better with yet another festival starting tomorrow – 28 July!

The Farsons Beer Festival will run for 10 days bringing some of the best local music artists and groups coupled with some of the finest local and foreign beer and cider.


Here are some of the headliners that will form part of this year’s lineup:

Matthew James, The Travellers, Tribali, Airport Impressions, Owen Leuellen, Kurt Calleja, Ira Losco, Red Electric and The New Victorians. These are just a few of the whole list. In fact you can check out the full programme via the Beer Festival website.

As the tradition, the Beer Festival will take place in the Picnic Area of Ta’ Qali with various stages across the venue, providing a mix of performances even if you’re visiting for just one night!

To accompany your stay during the festival will be a number of kiosks and booths where you can purchase food and drinks, with beer being one of the main attractions of this event.

These can be purchased by Barcode’s RFID card – the same card which has been used for the past few local events.

Ta Qali Picnic Area

That said, it is important to stay responsible when consuming alcoholic beverages such as beer.

Do not drink and drive, and make sure you’re of legal drinking age.


Will you be attending the Farsons Beer Festival?

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