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Love Music? 3 Spotify playlists to follow

If Monday’s post about audio production didn’t do it for you or maybe you’re just into listening to music without having to worry about producing it yourself from scratch, then today we’ve decided to talk about Playlists…

Spotify playlists to be more specific.


With just 3 to shortlist, it was quite the challenge to choose what we deemed worth following:



Throwback Party
by Spotify 


If you want to go back a few years and listen to some of the songs which made a hit in the past decades, then this Spotify playlist is definitely something to look into...

From Eminem to Shakira, all the way to Avicii, it seems like it’s got something for everyone looking for some nostalgia in their life.


Made in Malta
by University of Malta 


A recent resurgence in the popularity of Maltese music seems to be unfolding within people of all ages.

Whether you are into those songs which have represented Malta in the Eurovision, new song releases, or even a bit of local indie music, this playlist curated by the University of Malta should be the one to follow.


Piano Covers
by Music Design Group


If none of the above tickle your fancy, then maybe a bit of smooth piano covers of those songs you know and love might just be able to do the trick.

You may also be looking for something to help you calm down and relax with that right amount of familiarity to the tunes you like listening to…

Will you be following any of the above?


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