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Summer Festa Guide: June 2023

The Maltese Islands… A beautiful Mediterranean archipelago that comes alive with cultural celebrations during the summer months.

In June, the island is abuzz with vibrant and colourful festas, honouring various patron saints of different towns and villages.


These festas showcase the rich traditions, religious devotion, and lively spirit of the Maltese people. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the festas taking place in June and the unique experiences they offer:

Zebbug, Malta



Feast of St. Philip
Żebbuġ, Malta
11 June 2023


The town of Żebbug sets the stage for an exhilarating festa in honour of its patron saint, St. Philip. The air is filled with excitement as processions wind through the streets, accompanied by the cheerful sounds of music and the fireworks displays. The town comes alive with a lively atmosphere, welcoming locals and visitors alike to join in the celebrations.


Feast of St. John
Xewkija, Gozo
25 June 2023


Xewkija is nestled on the charming island of Gozo and hosts an extraordinary festa dedicated to St. John the Baptist. Spectacular fireworks light up the night sky, while the streets come alive with the traditional marching bands. A traditional horse race adds to the excitement of the festa, creating an unforgettable experience for all who attend.



Feast of St. George
Qormi, Malta
25 June 2023


Qormi, fondly referred to as the "city of bread," honours its patron saint, St. George, with a festa that is both lively and enchanting. The streets are adorned with colourful decorations and the locals, as they revel in the festivities creating a joyful and welcoming atmosphere.



Feast of St. Catherine
Żejtun, Malta
18 June 2023


Żejtun celebrates the Feast of St. Catherine in grand style which is marked by its religious processions, showcasing the deep-rooted devotion of the community. The town is transformed with colourful banners, flags, and ornate street illuminations, creating a visually stunning backdrop for the celebrations.



Feast of Our Lady of the Lily
Mqabba, Malta
18 June 2023


The southern town of Mqabba, with a population of around 3,300 inhabitants, pays homage to Our Lady of the Lily (Il-Madonna tal-Ġilju) with a festa that is truly unique. The festa radiates a nice ambiance as locals and visitors come together to celebrate with religious processions, music, and joy.

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