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Magazine buff? 3 local publications to check out!

Magazines can be fun and provide an interesting read, either to pass the time or also for active learning.


With many adopting a hybrid approach, that is, made available online as well as in printed form, the options are endless and could potentially allow for further discussion such as through the comment sections.


Let’s start with our list

Reading Magazine
Think Magazine (Issue 38)
Think Magazine (Issue 38)/thinkmagazine.mt


THINK Magazine – Online & Printed


If research gives you the appetite to learn more about various topics, then THINK Magazine is the one for you.

With every edition focusing on a particular theme, THINK brings some of the best minds together to discuss, share and observe the world around them.

You may get your own copy in printed form by visiting the University campus. Alternatively, you can view it online.


Sunday Circle – Online & Printed


Variety is good. This magazine comes with a number of articles which are generally lifestyle related.

Published by The Times of Malta and included in The Sunday Times paper, this magazine makes an interesting read. You can also read it online.

Sunday Circle
Sunday Circle/tom-mag.com
Encore - Arts and Culture
Encore - Arts and Culture/facebook.com


Encore – Online & Printed


If arts and culture is part of your daily digest ritual, you’d be happy to know that this publication is all about that.

A printed copy can be obtained from the University of Malta’s Arts faculty or in digital format


Indulge Magazine – Online


From food to culture all the way to leisure and beauty, this magazine has it all.

Indulge does exactly what it preaches… it indulges on all of these topics and brings them to one space.

It is only available in digital format, through their website. 

Indulge Online

Will you be following any of these publications?


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