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Festa season: 5 villages celebrating their festa this July

As summer continues to progress, the Maltese festas increase in frequency too. 


With July boasting a number of village festas across Malta and Gozo, we’ve thought of compiling a list of 5 as we continue our Festa season series.

Malta Festa
Luqa Church


Luqa, Malta
3 July 2022

The southern town of Luqa celebrates its festa dedicated to patron saint, St Andrew in the first week of July.

This town is often associated with travellers coming and going from the Maltese Islands due to the Malta International Airport which is located here.

Luqa’s aviation history goes back to the time when the Royal Air Forces were based locally, with their airfield which was also found here.



Balzan, Malta
10 July 2022


In the centre of Malta, we find the village of Balzan.

With a population of around 4.5K people covering an area of around 0.6km2, Balzan dedicates its festa to The Annunciation.

This festa occurs on the second Sunday of July and its church dates back to the 17th century.

Balzan Church
Kalkara Church


Kalkara, Malta
17 July 2022


The seaside town of Kalkara is devoted to the patron saint, St Joseph, with its festa being celebrated mid-July.

While the town’s square is currently undergoing upgrades, the festa schedule is set to continue as planned, obviously with adjustments due to the same works.

The population of Kalkara is around 3,000 and people residing here are referred to as Kalkariżi, often confused with the Karkariżi of Birkirkara.


Sannat, Gozo
24 July 2022


Crossing over to Gozo, is-Sannatin dedicate their festa celebrations to St. Margaret.

This town, found in the southern side of the Gozitan island, neighbours Għajnsilem and Munxar and is also home to some interesting points of interest such as Mġarr ix-Xini and the Ta’ Ċenċ Cliffs.

Sannat Church
Paola Church



Paola, Malta
31 July 2022


Over to Malta’s Raħal Ġdid or more commonly known as Paola, we find the parish church at the hub of this bustling town.

Christ the King is the patron saint and is celebrated towards the end of the month of July. Paola has a population of around 8,700 people and covers an area of 2.5km2.

In this place, we also found historical zones such as The Hypogeum which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Malta Festa